ASA is your robotic Integrator of choice for high performance coatings and defence related robotic automation.

Efficiency programs are commonplace in manufacturing and sustainment programs, particularly in the defence applications and supporting industries.

Moreover, the aim is to produce savings which could be redirected into other priority areas such as purchasing new equipment or supporting ongoing operations.

When considering automation, there are some obvious savings in labour and material usage. However, digging deeper, there are a myriad of opportunities for a significant return on investment. Therefore these may not be apparent to those who haven’t worked with robotic paint application equipment in the industry before.



Naturally, these improvements include transfer efficiency gains and removal of operators from potentially hazardous environments. In addition, gains often include a reduction in the volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) emitted from the process. As a result, film build optimization is attainable, as well as a reduction in rework and repair rates.

Recently ASA has partnered with Aerobotix, supporting the deployment of robotic systems for hypersonic coating applications.


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