FANUC P-50iB Paint Robot

The FANUC P-50iB is a compact painting robot with a large work envelope and small foot print, designed specifically for small booth applications such as EMI/RF shielding, wheel painting, furniture coating, and the processing of small hang-on components.

The P-50iB is flexible in so far as it can be configured in floor, wall or angle mounting applications, or left or right hand configurations to maintain symmetry across the booth. The high arm and wrist payload supports both gun applicators and a variety of rotary atomisers, with payloads of up to 15 kg on the short (700 mm) arm variant, and 10 kg on the longer (900 mm) outer arm variant.

The P50 is able to be configured with some of the application hardware packaged inside of the robot arm, allowing for rapid, accurate and consistent application performance. Transducers can also be built into the explosion proof cavities of the robot for fast process control. The unique arm design allows for excellent near reach and stroke length, as well as the capability to flip over for a variety of work envelopes.

The aluminium lightweight arm fitted to FANUC paint robots saves money by lowering energy costs, requiring less power to operate. Aluminium construction also provides additional safety benefits since there is no risk of ignition should a collision occur. Likewise, its smooth exterior surface helps minimize contamination and makes it especially easy to clean.

Because cabling and services are routed through the robot arm, FANUC’s patented hollow wrist on the P-50iB and P-250iB/15 models completely eliminates both the risk of cable catching and contamination from paint debris that may fall from exposed hoses. The in-arm hose design allows for tight manoeuvring without worry of hoses, while the narrow forearm allows for easy manipulation around parts.