Robots in the FANUC M10iD series provide the fastest handling in their class, enhancing throughput and reducing cycle times for various pick, place, and machine tending activities. The FANUC M-10iD/10L model, which weighs only 130 kg, boasts up to 10 kg of payload capacity, extremely high axis speeds and acceleration, and high wrist movements. Within the FANUC M-10 range, the payload can be as high as 16 kg with the FANUC M-10iD/16S variant.

Even in small workspaces, the operation is simple because of the hollow wrist assembly support and slim cable-integrated arm. There is always a compromise between reach and the actual end-of-arm tooling capacity. With a maximum reach of 1636 mm and a wrist load limit of 10 kg, the FANUC M-10iD/10L is perfect for various picking and palletizing tasks involving modest weights.

Depending on the application, the FANUC M-10iD/10L can be placed in various configurations. The unit can be mounted at an angle, upside down on the ceiling, or on the floor.

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