Due to its fast speeds and payloads of 100 to 270 kg, the FANUC R-2000 series is the company’s most well-liked line worldwide. The series is ideal for many tasks requiring big payloads, including spot welding and material handling. The R-2000 is a compact, high-speed all-purpose robot suited for all material handling applications including robotic spot welding.

The FANUC R-2000iC/100P’s wrist comes with a typical IP67 rating. These industrial robots can operate in some of the most challenging locations thanks to their severe liquid, dust, and waterproof wrist modules. You also have the choice to update the robot base, motor, and J1/J2 axes for severe liquid and dust protection, extending the range of possible applications for this workhorse. The FANUC R-2000iC/100P has been designed to have as few mechanical components as possible to minimise areas of failure, so you have less propensity for production downtime.


Applications include:

The FANUC R-2000 series is FANUC’s most popular range in the world thanks to its high speeds and payloads of 100kg to 270kg. They are perfect for any number of applications involving heavy payloads such as material handling and spot welding. The various options and variants within the FANUC R-2000 range ensures there’s a robot that will meet your requirements.

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