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The most widely deployed FANUC robots worldwide

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In our most recent Axis Newsletter, we focused on the R-2000 Series. Why? The most widely deployed FANUC robots worldwide are those in the R-2000 Series.

Due to advancements in motion control technology, rigid but lightweight arms, and size and weight reductions of the mechanical unit, the FANUC R-2000 Series Robots continue to be a success. Numerous modifications and upgrades, such as the spot welding solution arm, foundry pro, and wash down versions, are available for a number of activities.

Since it can swiftly manipulate virtually any gripper or welding gun, the FANUC R-2000 Series Robots are especially well suited for a virtually infinite variety of applications. Modification kits for a range of alternatives, such as grasping and vision systems, are easily available.

Thanks to our good friends at AW Fraser, for this awesome footage of their FANUC R-2000 Bart, on the job!

To read more about the R-2000 Series, click here.

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