Industrial Robots Automation Specialists

Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) designs innovative industrial robots systems as a solution for our clients to gain a competitive edge in the market. Since our inception, we have remained dedicated to specialising in integrated and flexible automation solutions across Australia and abroad. We aim at boosting quality and high productivity. At ASA, we also serve global clients. Our global footprint for numerous projects performed overseas is enviable. As such, we have earned an excellent reputation and enviable customer retention rates.

ASA takes pride in a 250 m2 warehousing and office complex which has been established to comprehensively service all our clients’ needs. We have a team of experts including, electrical, software, controls and mechanical engineers, as well as project managers. We also have specialised engineers in Melbourne servicing our manufacturing clients throughout Australia. ASA also offers services overseas, commissioning systems globally. Our recent performance has seen our skilled team travel to places like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, the USA, India, China and Korea.

Industrial Robots for a Competitive Advantage

ASA’s industrial robots are aimed at improving costs, robustness and quality. With our customers spanning the world across numerous industries, there is a need for the best practice to be implemented in design of our industrial robots solutions. At ASA, we prioritise our clients’ needs, which is why we tailor our robotic solutions to meet your specific requirements. The manufacturing, defence, aerospace, automotive and energy sectors can now experience higher performance and productivity thanks to the industrial robots solutions we offer.

Our industrial robots are effectively programmed to perform complex tasks with accuracy and consistent precision which FANUC robots are renowned for. ASA’s industrial robot solutions are also aimed at reducing labour costs.

The robots produce low noise levels creating a quiet working environment. They are flexible and programmed with systems that increase productivity rate earning our customers improved profitability, and a quick return on investment. Our skilled team is here to delivers tomorrow’s solutions today.

Contacting ASA for Industrial Robots

ASA strives to provide quality industrial robots solutions. Whether you are in a niche or significant manufacturing sector, industrial robots are today’s solutions. Our team determines its payload and reach configurations and associated cycle time before our clients purchase a robot cell or put it into production. As such, our clients can visualise the product and its impacts on their manufacturing capacity. ASA offers its clients on-site support through training, project integration and automated facilities support. ASA employs engineers for installation, software, controls, mechanical, electrical and project engineering.

ASA offers a Needs Analysis approach to identifying opportunities for industrial robots. A Needs Analysis identifies constraints in batch or continuous processing, problems associated with environmental compliance, material optimisation and production flexibility restrictions. Our experts also make on-site visits to identify opportunities to deploy the best practices from around the world to boost robustness, quality and cost. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need industrial robots.

Calls us on 1800 762 687 for inquiries about ASA’s solutions for industrial robots, servicing or repair and maintenance.

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