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Automated Solutions Australia – FANUC Robot Service and Support

At Automated Solutions Australia (ASA), we understand every customer’s needs are different. We also understand that FANUC support and robot servicing needs to be adaptable and be flexible to meet your specific needs. That’s why we offer our valued customers a variety of support services to help get the most out of their FANUC robots.

Technical 24/7 Phone Support

For customers who need technical support, we offer our 24/7 Robot Servicing Technical Helpline (1800 ROBOTS). In addition there are a team of Engineers who can quickly arrive at your location. To help you to get the best out of your FANUC robots, we offer a range of solutions for predictive, preventive and reactive maintenance. In addition, an extensive portfolio of standard and tailored robot training programs for your organisation. Automated Solutions Australia offers technical phone support 24/7 to our valued clients, powered by our dedicated and highly qualified technical support specialists.

Annual Robot Servicing

Just like a car needs regular servicing, the same applies for your robots. Your robots work hard for your business, sometimes operating 24 hours a day for long periods, so annual robot servicing will ensure your FANUC robots remain in optimal condition. Examples include; Greasing, battery replacements, checking for excessive wear and measuring backlash to ensure motion repeatability.We also continue to provide you with a great consistent outcome for your manufacturing processes. Annual robot servicing helps maintain a high level of Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), as well as potentially forecasting issues that may be developing.

Field Service

When phone support won’t fix a problem, Automation Solutions Australia (ASA) are never far away. Our Field Service Agents can quickly be dispatched to your location and be on site fast. They are experienced and can troubleshoot and repair problems quickly and easily to get you back in production.

Robot Reapplication (Redeployment) Services

One of the most satisfying elements of what we do is redeploying a robot from one application to another. When an automotive assembly plant closes, we take that robot ready to put to good use. With some smart engineering,we turn it into a palletising robot for a winery, or a machine tending application. It’s a cost-effective solution, where technology is reapplied and redeployed. Services are here to help tailor robot servicing with your specific production scenario. Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) are here to support our customers when process change. The flexibility of robotics is a key benefit when considering automation. Sometimes a production process changes. Equipment however,  still has a long usable life ahead of it. This is why redeployment is an important part of what we do.

Robot servicing is key to ensuring your FANUC robot is running at its optimum. This ensures avoiding breakdowns can be underpinned by planned preventative maintenance. At Automated Solutions Australia (ASA), we will periodically check and tune your robot using in order to ensure your investment will be operating well when it is needed most.

For more information or to book robot servicing  contact us at [email protected] or call us on 1800 762 687 (1800 ROBOTS)


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