FANUC M-410iB/700


FANUC M-410iB/700

FANUC M-410iB/700

FANUC FANUC M-410iB/700 Boosts Throughput

The FANUC M-410iB/700 robot palletiser increases throughput and can lift 700 kg. The M-410 series is the optimal choice for palletising and handling applications, having been developed by the company that created the world’s first specialised palletising robot.

FANUC M-410iB/700 Applications

FANUC M-410iB/700 Features

The FANUC M-410iB/700 may be pedestal mounted for certain applications. The robot controller may be located either inside the pedestal or as a standalone device.

The routeing of cables via the robot’s wrist reduces tangles and improves dependability.

The FANUC M-410iB/700, has FANUC iRVision and is capable of finding and manipulating random boxes and other objects.

This robot model forms part of ROBOGUIDE, FANUC’s offline programming tools. ROBOGUIDE is a tool that allows offline creation of cells, systems, and movements by integrators, planners, and users.

How can Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) Help?

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If you’re looking for a fast palletising robot, get in touch with us today to see if the FANUC M-410iB/700 is the right robot for your application.


FANUC M-410iB/700

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