FANUC M-410iC/110

FANUC M-410iC/110

FANUC M-410iC/110

FANUC M-410iC/110 is the Fastest Palletising robot in its Class

The FANUC M-410iC/110 stands out for its slim form and efficient kinematics. This allows it to conduct robotic palletising duties at a fast rate (2,200 cycles per hour) while maximising the available workspace. With a working range of 2,400 mm, the FANUC M-410iC/110 is the fastest palletising robot in its class compared to the bigger versions in its series.

FANUC M410iC/110 Applications 

FANUC M-410iC/110 Features

This palletising type is unhindered in its ability to carry out its duties. Its kinematics allow it to achieve the highest degree of palletising efficiency within a given area.

To guarantee optimal palletising, this model establishes an optimum palletising operating envelope. This offers it a greater range of motion, which is ideal for stacking pallets of various heights.

Its little size offers the FANUC M-410iC/110 a speed edge. It is much quicker than other robots in the same range.

This robot model forms part of ROBOGUIDE, FANUC’s offline programming tools. ROBOGUIDE is a fantastic tool that allows offline creation of cells, systems, and movements by integrators, planners, and users.

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