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Looking to enhance your automotive manufacturing processes with cutting-edge technology? At Automated Solutions Australia, we specialise in the integration of FANUC robots for automotive automation. So, if you’re interested in optimising your car manufacturing processes, get in touch with us today.

What is Automotive Automation?

Automotive automation revolutionises the entire manufacturing landscape, encompassing processes such as welding, assembly, and material handling. So by integrating robotics into crucial areas, automotive companies can save time, increase production capacity, and prioritise employee safety by eliminating dangerous and repetitive tasks. This flexible and ever-evolving automation technology presents numerous opportunities to enhance car manufacturing processes.

Applications of Automotive Automation

Automotive companies, in collaboration with their automation partners, deploy robots in high-speed, high-throughput areas to perform welding, inspection, material handling, and assembly tasks across various components, from under the hood to the cabin. Robots play a pivotal role in producing fuel systems, engines, electronics, lights, mirrors, auto body components, and more. In additon, the automotive automation landscape is continuously evolving, with robots becoming faster, smarter, and more and more efficient.

Assembly Systems for Automotive Automation

Incorporating automation into automotive assembly lines streamlines processes such as riveting, fastening, and component assembly. The synergy of robotics and vision systems is ideal for optimsing product assembly lines. Manufacturers have successfully enhanced their lines for tasks like glass installation, urethane application, assembly component bonding, and material handling, resulting in reduced labor costs, improved throughput, and enhanced quality.

Robotic Welding in the Automotive Industry

Welding automation solutions are transforming how automotive companies join materials, offering faster, safer, and more efficient welding processes. Options include customised weld cells and six-axis robots for MIG or laser welding, among others. Utilising automated robots for welding not only elevates quality but also ensures employee safety by keeping them away from sparks and hazardous conditions while minimising waste.

Body Assembly for Automotive Automation

Automation optimises repetitive processes such as welding, material handling, and the assembly of auto body components. Therefore by embracing robotics, vision systems, and software integration, manufacturers can save on labor costs, reduce rework, and enhance quality and repeatability.

Paint & Sealer Applications

Paint and dispensing robots, offer optimised working envelopes, high throughput, quality consistency, and durability in harsh environments. FANUC Painting Robots are compatible with various applicators, from electrostatic to glue dispensing. Automated Solutions Australia collaborates with major suppliers to create tailored solutions for industrial manufacturing and painting needs. This automation ensures uniform film thickness, improved coverage, appearance, and reduced material usage, enhancing First Time Quality (FTQ) and productivity, helping your business compete globally.

How Automated Solutions Australia Supports Automotive Companies

As automotive manufacturers seek to meet the demands for fast shipping, efficiency, and advanced technology, finding innovative partners is crucial. OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers interested in adopting automotive robotics can benefit from partnering with an experienced integration partner like Automated Solutions Australia. With over two decades of experience in designing, building, and installing solutions for welding, assembly lines, paint finishing, and more, we have the expertise to meet your automation needs.

Ready to take your automotive automation to the next level? Contact Automated Solutions Australia today and explore the possibilities of integrating FANUC robots into your manufacturing processes. Phone 1800 ROBOTS or email us at [email protected]

automotive automation, Paint Finishing Paint Robot Paint Robots
automotive welding, automotive automation

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