Offline Programming Capabilities

Through the use of simulated CAD programs, Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) is able to determine robot configurations and cycle times BEFORE a robot cell is purchased, or put into production. As a result, the client is able to visualise the product, and its effect on the manufacturing capability of the plant. Furthermore, ROBCAD style facilities allow Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) to mobilise and demobilise from site quicker and more cost-effectively for clients, as cells as programs can be completed from our headquarters in Adelaide, prior to going to site. This reduces the need for extensive downtime periods on the equipment.

Robcad / ROBOGUIDE Simulation

Once an opportunity is identified, Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) has the capability to complete a ROBCAD and/or ROBOGUIDE simulation, allowing the customer to visualise the end result of the recommendation, and the tangible relationship it will form with the revised manufacturing process. Constraints such as cycle time can be estimated, as well as material usage and other factors critical to the project’s implementation into a production environment.

These can include but not limited to Space requirements, robot reach limitations, hoppers, conveyors, spindles etc.



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