Medium Payload, Lightweight, and Suitable for Many Applications

The FANUC M-710 series of robots has been designed around medium payload applications, with excellent load capacity, high rigidity, and moment of inertia. These robots provide a very high degree of accuracy, providing unrivalled efficiency at extremely high speeds. For this reason, they offer maximum versatility and reliability across a wide variety of applications. 

The 11 robots that make up the FANUC M-710 series offer maximum payloads of up to 12, through to 70 kg, and a reach of up to 3.1 metres, depending on the chosen configuration. They include a slim wrist, robust arm, and a compact footprint, weighing an average 560 kg. The high axis speeds of this series make it very fast, coupled with its high mechanical rigidity, which makes it extremely accurate. This inherent design makes the FANUC M-710 series a highly favourable choice, and capable of servicing a number of industry sectors.

The Expert in Harsh Environments

The FANUC M-710 series of robots provide consistent accuracy and unmatched performance. They are designed for exceptionally high speed, maximum flexibility, and dependability across a vast array of applications. When coupled with the FANUC FoundryPro or SE options, these machines are completely IP67 protected, making them perfect for use in harsh locations. In addition, this industrial robot’s capacity to reach above and behind gives it one of the biggest work envelopes in its category.

With as few mechanical components as possible, the FANUC M-710 Series Robots has been intended to maximise mean periods between failures and minimise the need for replacement parts.

Robot Force Sensing Options

When fitted with the FANUC force sensing option, the FANUC M-710 series are suited for force applications such as polishing and deburring, because of its high inherent mechanical stiffness of the unit. The thin arm and wrist components of the FANUC M-710 reduce interference with system peripherals, enabling operation in confined work envelopes. The J3 axis offers integrated pneumatic and electrical services, with up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs, as well as PROFIBUS, providing easy integration into the end-of-arm tooling.

The FANUC M-710 series of robots may be installed on the ceiling, or on an incline, allowing for better access, a larger work envelope, and maximum flexibility.


Whether you are a large or small manufacturer, if you think the FANUC M-710 series of robots might be the right fit for automating your manufacturing process, we invite you to connect with us.